About us


MATE Engineering was born in 2015 after the merger of two Italian engineering companies with over 40 years of history: Tecnicoop and Vento Progetti. 

The aim behind the unbundling of companies is to enhance the established know-how process and network of the two, to create a innovation path capable of giving effective and dynamic answers to a market that is continuously and rapidly evolving.

MATE Engineering can count on 50 professionals between partners, collaborators and employees with an annual turnover established in the last years of 4.000.000,00 €. In particular aspects, the company also makes use of specialist consultants in liaison with Universities, research institutes, nation and international engineering companies.

Thanks to its own specialist capabilities, the company is active on themes that regard transversally the territory and its management.

In the international fields, MATE Engineering is partner with Consorzio Pangea through which operates in its own areas of competence.